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Shiftsoft Church Application Software functions as a congregational database / data collection, worship attendance, church news, community attendance / cell / cell group attendance, offering management, tithing and faith promises, congregational growth monitoring, congregational shepherding, congregation cards, service scheduling, activity points and many more. much more.
Shiftsoft Church Application Software streamlines and simplifies the management of all Church activities, provides accurate and up-to-date data for Church Leaders, and always connects the Church with the Congregation (especially millennials).
Software Aplikasi Gereja Shiftsoft

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Shiftsoft Apps has been used by churches of various denominations and Christian organizations throughout Indonesia.
  • GBI Bethel Bandung Tasikmalaya
    GBI Tampak Siring
    GBI Daan Mogot
    GBI Rock
    GBI Ecclesia Ministry Tangerang
    GBI LGF (Pluit)
    GBI River of Life
    GBI Kingdom Vision Manado
  • Bethany Manado
    Gereja Advent Tumoutou Imperium
    Sinode GPIA
    HKBP Exaudi Dalung
    GSJA El-Roi
    GKI Puri Indah
    GKI Residen Sudirman (Ressud)
    GKT Hosana Bumi Permai
  • SMCC Church
    Gereja HFC
    GBI Family Blessing
    GPIA Keluarga Kristus Solo
    GPDI Petra Semarang
    GBI Imamat Rajani
    GBI Gateway
    GPKdI House of Truth
  • GBI PCW Purwokerto
    GBI Haleluya Purwokerto
    Saint Joseph Family Ministry
    Wanita Bijak Katolik
    Excellent Leader Training
    SMA Kristen Pandhega Jaya
    Voice In The City (Suzette Hattingh Ministry)
    Inspire Football

Church's Impression About Shiftsoft

Yoshua Victor

Head Pastor of GBI PCW Purwokerto
"The Circle feature helps each community at GBI PCW so that each activity is clearly visible. We can easily monitor the level of congregation participation so that we can pay more attention to our growing church."

Roni Anggoro

Board of Leaders GPIA SMCC
"Shiftsoft simplifies system administration, dissemination of information and also interaction with the congregation. Complete features enable us to organize many Church activities. Easy-to-read reports help us analyze and evaluate church activities and the condition of the congregation."

David Novandi

Chairman Excellent Leader Training
"Management of members who are many and spread throughout Indonesia is made easier with the Shiftsoft application. With the point system, the process of calculating standard increases is carried out well."

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