Worship Attendance

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

Detailed recording of worship attendance helps facilitate the management of activities and attendance of the congregation in the church. A well-recorded presence will provide a clear picture of the participation of the Jama'at in each event. With this, the Church has complete and accurate information and can be used as a basis for consideration to execute a decision, including for example carrying out follow-up to the congregation who rarely attends, or also being able to see prospective church servants / administrators from the congregation who consistently attend events that are held regularly. made the Church.

Shiftsoft has very complete features in the process of recording congregational activities. Starting from manual recording by the Admin and PIC of the event / Worship, scanning the QR code, Checking / in using GPS, checking / in at the online Worship link, attendance of guests / investigators, to using the RFID method which allows congregations who have difficulty in transferring technology can remain well noted.

Shiftsoft is also equipped with event reminder notifications so as to minimize the chance of forgetting, as well as an event reservation feature that can be useful to assist the committee / PIC in determining the amount of consumption that must be made and so on.

The data that has been entered is then processed into a very useful report to see the level of attendance of the congregation in Worship and Community, the congregation that is most active or otherwise has been inactive for a long time, the level of participation in offerings, the timeliness of attendance, and so on.

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