Relationship Bond

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

We believe that one of the main functions of the Church is a place of gathering. That's why Shiftsoft was created to help every process, for example in doing administration such as event registration and worship, which is easy and fun. Attendance for events and worship can also be done quickly, without causing queues, so that the congregation really has time to interact with one another, or also enjoy Worship solemnly.

Another feature that will really help create a bond of connection is through prayer and help requests that you can choose to share with the Church Team only or open to their community members. If it is selected to be opened, community partners will get notifications so they can share their burdens and pray.

At Shiftsoft, important personal things like the birthdays of the Congregation are never forgotten. Shiftsoft will be the first Church representative to wish the Congregation a happy birthday. Even Shiftsoft will also help remind fellow community members about the birthday of the Jama'at.

Everything is wrapped in a very dynamic community / circle module. Shiftsoft is made so that it can accommodate as many communities as possible with a multilevel structure. So that Shiftsoft can be used by various kinds of churches, whether it is a community-based church (Community Church) or others.

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