27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

Mobile applications such as Shiftsoft allow information to be sent quickly and without intermediaries. Information is directly sent and received by the person concerned.

Delivery time can also be said to occur in real time. This is really an advantage for the Church which often complains about the difficulty of mobilizing and reaching out to the Congregation.

Shiftsoft is an application designed to cover all areas of Church activity. Because of this, the Church can rely on Shiftsoft to be a complete platform/information center.

With Shiftsoft, the Church no longer needs other means to carry out its activities, because all information can be conveyed through one application in two directions, from the congregation to the church or vice versa.

Shiftsoft combines several concepts at once in one app, such as News designed like Instagram, in-app chat features, worship and service calendars, transfer of offerings and tithes using fintech platforms, and so on.

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