27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

In Shiftsoft, we bridge the interaction between 4 parties, namely the Church, Leaders, Congregations and Brothers in the Faith. Our features are made in such a way to reach all stakeholders / interested parties in the Church. In addition, we will always encourage interaction in the form of engagement.

For example, through the like and comment features (with emoticons) found in the News / News module, we believe this can trigger the congregation's enthusiasm to appear and be involved in various updates provided by the Church and also provide interaction between fellow believers.

In addition, the registration features for spiritual moments such as baptism which are completed by filling out forms directly from the application, live chat features and making certificates make the congregation more comfortable in carrying out their spiritual steps. Of course this will encourage the Jama'at to want to make spiritual decisions.

Our circle/community feature will also encourage the congregation to show their activeness and even trigger "healthy competition" to grow each other in God.

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