Helping Growth Monitoring

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

The church is a place for the spiritual growth of its congregation. Therefore, one of the Church's tasks is to become a facility and provide a means for the spiritual growth of its congregation, for example by holding cell group programs, Bible studies, sharing meditations, and so on.

In the development of the Shiftsoft Application, we also emphasized the importance of this. That's why we have community / cell group features, Bible studies, sharing materials, sharing meditations, and even recording the results of each congregation's quiet time.

In addition, this application can also help the Church in making strategic decisions for the growth of the congregation. For example, in providing attendance data so that you can find out which congregations are rarely present and follow-up can be done further. Or also through the Church's activity tracking feature, the Church can find out what things are of interest to the Congregation at this time.

We believe that technology is also God's creation, therefore it must be used as much as possible for His glory. With this application, we also hope to be a one-stop service for the growth of the Jama'at.

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