Strengthening the Pastoring Process

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

Pastoralism or Diakonia is one of the three main vocations of the Church. Through this process, the Church focuses on meeting the needs of the congregation who need more attention. This process involves many aspects, from energy, thought, attention, to finance. Until finally the Jama'at can be well cared for and have the capital for its spiritual growth.

The Shiftsoft app has features that make this possible. For example, through the request for help and prayer features that can even be forwarded to their community partners, the spiritual journey feature to record spiritual journeys that can be monitored by the leader, the quiet time recording feature that can be accessed by the leader, birthday wishes, event reminders, and other features. other.

Through the features that we continue to build to help the pastoral process, we believe the Shiftsoft application can touch all aspects of Church activities and can be useful as a one-stop service for the Church, Leaders and Congregations.

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