Facilitate Congregation Mobilization

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

In carrying out the Great Commission, each Church has a different mandate and path. However, the Church is not only an organization, but also an organism, so it is impossible to neglect the Congregation in carrying out its mission. In fact, one measure of a healthy church is a church that is able to invite the congregation to be actively involved in every program and mission of the church.

There are challenges that are not easy for the Church to provoke the involvement of the congregation, because of course the congregation also has its own busyness and business. But with the right tools and facilities, this can be solved, for example by means of intensive socialization.

Shiftsoft helps the socialization process, for example through news features, banners, blast / broadcast notifications to provide features for donations and promises of faith. The Shiftsoft application has a push notification feature that allows news from the Church to be seen on devices / gadgets without the need to first login / open the application. This increases the opportunity to close the distance between the Congregation and the mission of the Church.

Even the Shiftsoft application is also used by the Pandhega Jaya Foundation which has a boarding school based in Kupang, NTT in maintaining relationships with its Foster Parents (OTA). Through Shiftsoft, every news update of schools and foster children is given directly into the hands of the OTA without going through a lengthy process.

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