Menyokong Proses Persembahan dan Persepuluhan

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

One of the indicators of a healthy church is that the congregation is involved in every movement that is carried out. The involvement of the Church shows the enthusiasm of the Church in following the spiritual directions given by the Church. In addition, tithing is also certainly an indicator of a healthy congregation's spirituality.

Aplikasi Shiftsoft juga membantu untuk memberikan laporan penerimaan persembahan secara personal langsung kepada Jemaat yang bersangkutan, sehingga Jemaat dapat terupdate dengan baik. Juga membantu proses komitmen / janji iman dalam sebuah proyek misi, dimana Shiftsoft dapat membantu proses pendaftaran komitmen dan mengingatkan komitmen yang belum dilaksanakan.

We want to continue to be involved in all aspects of the Church's activities, so that it really helps the Church as a whole in building the growth of the congregation and achieving the vision and mission of the Church.

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