Comfortable to use

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

We believe using a software / application is the same as using clothes. Must be comfortable to use. Because if it is not comfortable, it will cause new problems when using it.

How to minimize the effort required by the user/congregation to learn this application? But at the same time can still provide various features and services, so that this application can be a one-stop service in terms of spirituality? This is the challenge that must be faced.

Luckily we have a design team and developers who are determined to work in such a way to make the above things happen. It's been almost 5 years since we developed the Shiftsoft application and we will not stop to continue to bring convenience to use in this application.

We continue to produce updates and innovations to update the interface and user experience, maintain server performance and minimize data transfers that occur so that users / congregations do not have to wait too long to access information, eradicate bugs / application production defects, to ensure data security so that it does not leaked or accessed by unauthorized parties.

This has been our passion since the beginning and will continue to be our commitment. Everything is so that users / congregations and the Church really feel comfortable, namely getting access to each feature easily without the need to feel dizzy.

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