How Does Shiftsoft Work?

Each of our features is made for the Church to feel at ease. Enjoy a very pleasant user experience, with an attractive interface. We are constantly innovating to provide comprehensive assistance for your every problem, need and goal.

Diverse Attendance Recording

One of the greatest needs of the Church is to know the presence of the Church in worship meetings. However, in practice, each church has a different congregational profile. There are churches whose congregations are mostly young people, but some are seniors. Apart from that, there are cultural factors, economic level, and others that will certainly determine his understanding of technology. This matter […]


Multilevel Community Structure

Komunitas / kelompok sel tentunya diciptakan untuk memiliki anggota dalam jumlah sedikit. Oleh karena itu dalam penerapannya, seringkali komunitas akan dibentuk secara struktural dan bertingkat. Misalnya saja jika dibagi per area wilayah, maka dalam suatu kota, akan dibagi dulu per kecamatan, kemudian masih dibagi lagi per kelurahan / desa. Kami memiliki fitur Circle yang akan […]


Up To Date News

Interacting with members of your organization is one of our priorities. That's why we designed our News module like Instagram, which can be viewed in the form of a list view or a grid view. Also, readers can vote/like the news they like. The most interesting thing about this feature is that readers can leave comments like […]


Congregational Services and Assistance

One of the vocations of the Church is Diakonia, which is a call to serve her congregation. In its application in the Modern Church, there is a need to carry out administrative processes in the procession of baptism, marriage, blessing of children, service of death, and so on. Even informally, the Jama'at also needs other services such as sick visits, house blessing, financial assistance and so on. Shiftsoft is here to help the Church […]


Spiritual Journey

The journey of a person's spiritual life begins when he repents and will never end until called by God. In the middle of it, there will be important moments that need to be noted and remembered. Not only for individuals, but also for the Church to see the history of the spiritual growth of her congregation. This can be used, for example, to find out who the members of the Jama'at can […]


Digital ID

One of the costs that often arise in an organization or church is to print congregation membership cards. Even though it is small, if it is multiplied by the number of members of the Jama'at, not to mention if there is a new card printing, of course this will be a fairly large cost. That's why we provide the Digital ID feature as a substitute for a physical membership card. Because […]


Offerings, Tithing, Pledge of Faith and Donations

An important part of the daily life of the Church is the process of offering, tithing and donations. With this, the Congregation can be involved in every movement of the Church. In addition, the Numbers Research Center in 2018 said that one of the characteristics of a healthy Church is the Church that has allocated funds for development and missions. This makes the presentation process, […]


Asset Booking

Does your church often have collisions in room lending? Or is there any loss or damage after use? We have solutions to manage the loan process, from request, approval to tracking. With this feature, you no longer need to experience confusion in the process of borrowing space or tools.


Shiftsoft Church Helps Organize New Normal Sermons

The Covid-19 pandemic has left the Church with no choice but to hold online services. While online worship has many limitations. Find out how Shiftsoft features are helping the Church organize New Normal Worship.

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