27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

Currently, it is no longer the era of users looking for information. On the contrary, it is information that is looking for users. Mobile technology enables this to happen through the push notification feature. This feature will provide information and reminders on the device / gadget of each Jama'at directly without having to open the application. Information in the form of event reminders, messages from Church admins, birthdays of community members, promises of faith, and more can be sent to the Congregation.

In addition, with the Mobile Application, sensitive data can also be sent specifically to a congregation. For example, reports of acceptance of offerings or reminders of the Promise of Faith can be sent only to the congregation concerned. Likewise, features related to sensitive data such as birthdays, personal data sent via baptism forms, delivery of children, and so on will not be accessible to unauthorized persons.

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