Light, Fast, Stable

27 July 2021
PT. Pilar Dinamika Integra

Shiftsoft server is built using a well-known programming language that can provide very fast service, it can even reach 100x compared to commonly used programming languages. Likewise, the Shiftsoft Mobile Application is built with a programming language that has an architecture that makes this application lightweight when used.

These two programming languages ​​are programming languages ​​that are not commonly used but are very stable because they come from Google. This is quite helpful in minimizing existing defects.

Although the programming language used is an uncommon language, our team is committed to sacrificing personal convenience for the sake of creating convenience for users, from the Church admin team to the Congregation as end users.

This performance is accompanied by the selection of servers and datacenters that have ISO certification in performance and security, so the Church does not have to worry about the possibility of inaccessibility of services or data from the Shiftsoft Application.

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