Covid-19 Pandemic for Worship Activities

The implementation of Online Worship leaves several obstacles, such as the lack of personal touch and making it difficult to monitor the growth of the congregation. There has even been a phenomenon of congregations attending services from several churches on Sundays. This challenge should be addressed quickly by the Church so that it does not hinder the growth of the existing congregation.


Shiftsoft Becomes a Worship Solution
in the midst of a pandemic

The Shiftsoft application provides technology that helps the Church to monitor congregation growth as well as organize New Normal Worship / Face-to-face Worship that applies health protocols, for example by implementing seat bookings and confirming compliance with health protocols.


Number of Attendance and Seating Selection

In response to the upcoming New Normal, we assist the Church in setting restrictions on attendance at a Worship through the RSVP feature, both in terms of number and age. In addition, there is a seating arrangement feature like in a movie theater.

Floor Plan Settings

Adapted to the Shape of the Room

Seating arrangements can be adjusted according to the room plan, as well as pre-reservation of reserved seats so that they cannot be booked by the congregation. In addition, the seat numbering can be adjusted according to the wishes of the Church.


Compliance with the Implementation of Health Protocols

Before being able to make a seat reservation, the congregation is required to confirm compliance with the health protocol. The text of the provisions can be adapted to the needs of each church, and can be linked to 3rd-party services such as Google Forms and so on.

Seat Ticket

Can be shown to Usher

After successfully placing a seat reservation, tickets will be issued virtually within the app. This ticket can be presented to Usher as proof of seat reservation.


with Streaming and Online Services

Now, our application can be used for integration with streaming and online meeting services such as Youtube, Instagram Live, Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

Worship Attendance

As A Help To Track Interactions

If there is a positive case of Covid-19 in a congregation, then the Worship attendance report can help track any other congregations who may interact with the affected congregation. So that it can be given immediate treatment as soon as possible.


Pandemic Time

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