What is Shiftsoft?

Shiftsoft is a membership management solution that can help the Church to manage records, manage all activities, become a bridge of information, and provide effective reporting to help Church Leaders make decisions.

8 Key Features of Shiftsoft

Membership Management

Now, updating data has become so easy, that it encourages the congregation to update.
Comes with input data that can be modified as needed.
Digital ID feature that replaces physical membership cards, eliminating card printing costs forever. Background images can be distinguished according to the level / level of the congregation.

Spiritual Journey

Helping recording and tracking important moments that have been experienced, such as Baptism, Bible Study Class, and so on.
Members' achievements are entitled to a Digital Badge which will be displayed on their Digital ID.

News and Notifications

Interactive news with read counter, like and comment features. We can know the trend of interest of the congregation based on this.
Sending notifications and reminders, for example when the membership is about to expire, or birthday wishes.
Blast information will immediately appear on the notification screen of the member's smartphone, so it can be read immediately.

Event Management

Provide information on the existence of an event such as worship, seminars, and so on.
Four easy ways to record attendance, namely Scan QR Code, GPS check-in, Online check-in (especially for online meetings), Manual Recording from the organizer as a backup.
The RSVP feature, which facilitates invitations, will help to see the interest of the congregation in participating in the event. Congregations can make reservations through this feature.
Equipped with a calendar view, so events can be viewed in calendar mode. There is integration with online services such as Google Calendar, etc.

Circle Management

The congregation can be divided into stratified cell groups. This allows groups of cells to be grouped again, for example into area groups.
Notifications can be blasted to all congregations based on existing groups.
There is a download center, which is a material sharing center that will help search because it is given a special place.

Offering Management

At each event there will be a column to record the collected offerings, and will appear on the activity report.
Facilitate fundraising, with the donation commitment feature which will provide donation reports and notifications if there are delays.
Provide notification of receipt of donations, as well as a center for tracking receipts, so that it will increase the trust of the Jama'at with financial transparency.

Asset Booking

For assets that can be used together, this feature will help the process of use, for example for meeting rooms, musical instruments, vehicles, and so on.
Congregants can place orders through the application. There is a setting whether the order must be approved by the authorities, or can be used immediately.
Can be used to track who the last user was, so if something goes wrong, it's easier to figure out who is responsible.

Service Scheduling

Carry out the process of scheduling tasks / services in worship, community and other events.
Officers can be searched based on skills / expertise that are suitable for the field of work to be given.
The officer will have a reminder that he will be on duty at the event.

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